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Laurent STUCK

Vint'air was born in 2015 from a synergy found in VENTANA's know-how and engineering enthusiasm from Jacques Rogemont and Laurent Stuck.


Vint'air benefits from the environment of a dense aerospace industry area and cooperates with many local companies, having access to various technologies.


This cooperation has proved to be very efficient through the first digital foundry project : Stampe aircraft engine crankcase remanufacturing.


Our ambition is  to give to  the collectors of vintage vehicles (cars, motorcycles and airplanes)  the opportunity to take advantage from the revolutionary technologies available through our cooperation with the  aerospace industry.


Tell us about your project!



Engineer and Pilot


Laurent is using his engineers skills in his passion for vintage aviation. He is a co-owner of a 1946 Stampe SV4A.


Mechanics enthusiast


Jacques has acquired during his professional life of mechanical engineer his unique experience of vintage engines 



Parts manufacturing for Vintage enthusiasts

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