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Parts manufacturing for Vintage enthusiasts


First step towards re-manufacturing

Having a foundry part remanufactured often leads to creating expensive tooling and a complicated process. We are now able to offer a global economic manufacturing solution for rare complex foundry parts. As drawings and data are very often missing, this process starts with the reverse engineering of a real part to obtain a 3D CAD model and accurate manufacturing drawings.


We are using state of the art equipment to be accurate during this key step.

Geometry acquisition is the starting point of this process. Different technologies are available.




With this equipment we digitalize the visible surfaces of a part by binocular acquisition of a specific pattern projected on the part and computer processing.

Geometrical surfaces such as cylinders, planes can then be interpolated as accurately as 0.01mm.



Should the acquisition of internal geometry become necessary, we would use an industrial tomograph (comparable to a medical scanner for metal parts). The use of high energy X-Rays cutaways allows 3D rebuild of the geometry, even for thick metallic parts.

This is done in cooperation with TOMOADOUR.

3D MEASURING MACHINE : The highest accuracy


Each time a very high accuracy is required (locating pins...) we use Ventana's 3D measuring machines. By contact sensor acquisition, the accuracy can be less than 3 micrometers.



Once extensive geometry acquisition is complete, we rebuild the part on our 3D CAD software.

Engineering skills are necessary to re-engineer the part through functional analysis such as gear axis, boring tolerances, locating pin tolerances and more.

This step is an opportunity not to be missed to improve the part strength, functionality, or the material used....

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