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Parts manufacturing for Vintage enthusiasts


Solution for complex parts

Years of research and developement lead VENTANA to work out a process to elaborate foundry sand molds by 3D "Sandprinting". Those molds are used to sandcast light alloys, mostly magnesium and aluminum alloys, widely used in aerospace industry. This process is now very efficient when used in conjunction with a foundry simulation software.

VINT'AIR and VENTANA are cooperating closely to make this technology available to collectors or workshops having to re-manufacture rare vintage parts:


·        Metallurgical quality to the best aeronautical standards.

·        Reduced delivery times even for large complex parts.

·        Digital casting without tooling.

·        Improved parts (metallurgical and engineering)

·        Available for small quantities!




One of the great tools VENTANA is using in this process is a very new, powerful simulation software, which helps to predict molten metal flow in the mold, temperature gradients and metal shrinkage thus avoiding real life testing and dramatically reducing development cost and time.

















Once conceived, the cores which constitute the mold are « printed » on a 3D S15 sand printing machine. One layer of sand after another is polymerized to obtain the required form. The loose sand is then taken away and the different cores are assembled to make the final mould. 



Being in a fully digital process, we use our scanners for post process geometry checks. This method is more accurate, provides an extensive geometry check, and is faster than the use of traditional gauges and templates. Moreover, it provides a very good reference to accurately set machining start points. 

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